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Are You Feeling Burned Out?

You are go, go, go from early morning dawn until bed time. You have zero time to stop let alone any time for yourself. You are starting to feel burned out. Maybe that means you are starting to feel like a failure because you can’t keep up. Maybe, you are losing your motivation and having a hard time getting out of bed or doing any other mundane daily task. You have minimal satisfaction in anything you are doing right now. Every single day is a bad day.

Yep, there’s a good chance that you are burned out.

So now what?

First, good for you for recognizing the signs. Sometimes these signs are gradual and not so obvious and sometimes they are sudden and glaring. Recognizing the signs will allow you to prevent things from getting worse. Now is the time to make some positive changes.

Next, find your support system. Who can you talk to? Who can you delegate work to? Who can you just be present with? Maybe it’s a best friend or coworker. Maybe it’s a neighbor or family member. Of course, you could always seek a professional therapist too. Use your supports. At the same time, avoid the negative ones. That coworker that always badmouths the boss, maybe take a break from them for a few days. That coworker that always has something bad to say about the office, yeah….leave them alone for while too. Try to seek trusted and positive influences.

Also, look for the cause. Are you burned out from working too much? Have trouble saying “no”? Not taking a break? Striving for perfection? All of these are things that can be addressed or minimized. It might take some work, but this would be a great thing to reach out to your support system and ask for help. Look at your commitments and see if you can reschedule or cancel some.

Self Care

Finally, pay attention to your own needs. Your body is telling you something so listen. Take that yoga class. Go for a walk. Sleep in a little extra when you can. Learn a new hobby. Take a hot bath. Use your creativity to make something amazing. Paint. Draw. Crochet. There are thousands of things we can do that help us practice self care.

Self-care is important and refills your battery so you can keep going on your commitments and obligations. Sometimes, even as little as 5 minutes can be refreshing. So close your office door and do a 5 minute meditation. Practice some deep breathing when you have a free minute between meetings. Listen to a podcast about self-care while you are driving to work.

Burnout is exhausting. Take some time to refresh, replenish and renew. Your job is not worth your health.

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