Are you struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Feel like you don’t fit in? Like you don’t deserve this new job that you have? Do you think everyone around you is judging you and probably doesn’t like you? You feel like a fraud, like a cheat, and you are filled with self-doubt.

Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth are ways to measure how we feel and view ourself. A low level of self-confidence can cause a variety of symptoms. While these symptoms might not designate a diagnosis based on the DSM-5 and diagnosis criteria, they are still impactful and the experiences are very real.

Some common concerns connected to low levels of confidence and self-worth include:

  • poor appetite or over-eating
  • lack of motivation
  • depression
  • social anxiety
  • self-harm thoughts or behaviors
  • passive suicidal thoughts
  • self-blame
  • ruminating, negative thoughts

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