Recent diagnosis?

Have you received a new and devastating diagnosis? Multiple sclerosis? Diabetes? Cancer? Heart defect? Not sure how to proceed? You are feeling overwhelmed and anxious and you have a million questions. Actually, you have been flooded with emotions and don’t know what to do next. Your appetite is all over the place, you can’t sleep and you feel like you’re going crazy. You have no idea how to tell your family.

New medical diagnoses are almost never easy. Talking things out can be helpful. We can develop a plan for how to tell your loved ones. We can make plans for how to talk to your doctors and ask the right questions. We can find ways to address the anxiety and depression that comes with the diagnosis. In therapy, we will navigate your new normal and find ways to cope, communicate and manage our mental and physical symptoms.

Is Life Changing? Too Fast?

Maybe you are experiencing a different life transition. Wedding? Pregnancy? Divorce? Maybe your parents are aging and you weren’t prepared for how fast it all happens. Have you started a new job? Bought a new house? Moved to the East Coast?

Life transitions can be hard. You might be experiencing anxiety, irritability, loss of appetite, racing thoughts, or panic attacks to name just a few symptoms. We all experience changes but we all experience them differently. There is no right or wrong to go through it.

Therapy Can Help

Together we can find a way process your new “normal”. We can sometimes prepare for these changes in advance and make it just a little more bearable. If preparation isn’t possible, we can work on shifting our mindset, finding supports, self-reflection and/or finding acceptance.

If you could relate to any of the symptoms mentioned, feel free to reach out using the contact button above OR call or text 302-233-2002. Convenient night and weekend appointments available with working professionals and parents in mind….so you don’t have to miss work or family activities. Alternatively, you can schedule HERE. To read about fees and payments, click HERE.