What can I expect in my first session?

Your first session will be used to gather information. We will work together to identify your biggest concerns, symptoms and stressors. My main focus is to make you feel comfortable and get to know what you plan on getting from therapy. We may also review your intake paperwork. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have regarding therapy or the therapy process.

Can I text or email you outside of session?

This can be tricky to answer but ultimately, the answer is yes. You can call or text 833-785-2315. BUT, it is important to remember that I am NOT a crisis therapist. If you are having an emergency, you should call 911, go to your ER, call 988 or find a trusted family member or friend.

Some examples of good things to text: needing to change or cancel your appointment, brag about using a coping skill, or sending a funny therapy meme.

Examples of NOT good things to text: questions about your treatment, “I’m having a panic attack right now!” or “help!”.

Please keep this and professional boundaries in mind if you decide to text or email outside of your session. Additionally, please also know that I may not answer right away. In fact, it could take 24-48 hours to get a response.

How many sessions do I need and how often?

This is not an easy answer. The number of sessions you will need will vary depending on many factors. This can be discussed further during your sessions. Many people benefit from weekly sessions whereas others can do well with biweekly sessions. We can work together to make sure your sessions fit your needs but also gets you to your goal.

Is telehealth really effective?

YES! Not only is telehealth effective but it is convenient! While I was hesitant myself, I can say that I really enjoy telehealth sessions and find them just as engaging as in-person sessions. I also appreciate that they let me serve a larger community while also providing a service to people who may otherwise not be able to participate in therapy.

Who can you help?

I have many years of experience with all ages and a wide variety of diagnoses. Despite that experience, I am best fitted to working with teens over the age of 16 through middle adulthood. I treat a variety of issues including:

New Medical Diagnosis

Life transitions and adjustment issues

Mentorship of students & therapists

Mood disorders (including bipolar)

Parenting skills, stress & training

Self-esteem and self-worth building

Stress management

Trauma & PTSD

Women’s issues

Have more questions?

If you have more questions, please call me at 302-233-2002.