Are you a working professional in NJ, DE or MD?

Are you leaving work burned out?  Tired?  Irritable?  Resentful?  Are you struggling to find your place in your work environment?  Do you feel like you don’t fit in?  Or are you lacking confidence in your work? 

Are you feeling burned out from Covid, from stress, or from the endless demands of your supervisor?  You have a hard time getting out of bed because you dread going to work.  Perhaps you are fearful of taking a day off because you never know what you will come back to or you don’t want to burden your coworkers.  Maybe you lose sleep because you think your coworkers are judging you and you are starting to feel resentful of your job.  Not to mention, your relationships are beginning to suffer.

Wait, you just described me….

If you are experiencing any of the above, I want you to know there is hope. I have extensive experience assisting young adults in these and other personal experiences including grief, stress, anxiety, depression, and traumas. I also want to help you with other life transitions you might be experiencing. Planning a wedding? Had a baby? Postpartum depression? Moving to a new house? New school? Thinking of furthering your education? Maybe even a new medical diagnosis. It is natural to experience many life changes and feel overwhelmed, confused or apprehensive. I can help with that too!

Using a variety of therapy interventions, we can work together to address your concerns. I want to help support you in your exploration of your career, mental well-being and rediscovery of your love for your career and life Together, we can navigate the challenges of your career, your self-care and your relationships.

Feeling burned out? Overwhelmed? Isolated?

Finally, feel free to reach out using the contact button above OR call or text 302-233-2002. Conveniently. night and weekend appointments available with working professionals in mind….so you don’t have to miss work or family activities. Alternatively, you can schedule HERE. To read about fees and payments, click HERE.